“Buying some Taiwanese fried chicken and eat on my way home is like my daily schedule,” said Lu, a senior high school student in Dan-dong city of China. Wearing hoodies, Lu and her classmates came to a small Taiwanese market in front of the train station. It seems like they can’t live a day without eating Taiwanese fried chicken. For girls have similar ages or backgrounds, not only Taiwanese food, but also Taiwanese fashion is the most popular.

Now, there’s a huge Taiwanese boom happening in China. Thus, our team visited to Xidan, a bustling market in Beijing, where the Taiwanese boom is heating up.

When it comes to the drinks that young girls like the most in Beijing, it will be pearl milk tea from Taiwan. This pearl-added milk tea or coffee has become a necessary for people to go shopping. Also, it’s believed that the mouthfeel of chewing the pearl can release the pressure.

If there’s any store people line up to get in, it will still be Taiwanese restaurant. However, it is a snack food gets the most attention rather than usual main dish. It’s called “Mi-Yu-Shao-Bing” and looks like a crepe and Japanese meat-mixed pancake.