Ramen, one of the representive Japanese food, is completely different from Chinese noodle. Chinese people seem to enjoy Ramen as Japanese food, though it’s based on traditional chinese food. We Japanese so happy to live in Japan, where we can taste this Ramen everywhere…anyway, there are great number of Japanese Ramen shop in foreign countries these days.

There are three styles of Ramen shop outside Japan. The first, the ones run by Japanese enterprises. The second, the ones started by Thai enterprises. And the rest are ones by enterprises from other countries. Anyway, for us customers any styles are okay if we are able to have good Ramen.

What is the most important for us is…the taste. Is Ramen outside Japan good enough? So we went to check the Ramen in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

The shop we visited is “Bankara”, a Ramen shop located in the area where many Japanese people lives. This Ramen shop is based on Japan, and has a lot of domestic branch. Though in Japan Bankara is regarded as a good Ramen shop,can we really have as good Ramen as in Japan there?

Taking one bite, all of a sudden, the thick taste of ”ton-kotsu”(pork bone broth) spread in our mouth! This is, without any doubt, a genuine Japanese flavor!! When you eat Japanese food outside Japan, you would feel, in many cases, unsatisfied with something of it —its ingredients, materials, or seasoning. So we tried the Ramen with full of doubt about the quality… god, it was a real thing!! With good tension of the noodle, not ”boiled-too-long” style, the one was just the way it were created in Japan…!!

The conclustion is this: “Bankara” Ramen is great. If we dare to tell you one weak point about it, the soup was not hot enough. Thai people, however, are not used to make really “hot”(as we talk about the temperature) dishes, so it would be natural that the Ramen there is not heated enough. When you want to have Ramen during travelling around Thailand, this “Bankara” is highly recommended.