For as long as anyone can remember, women’s breasts have been a subject of great interest and discussion to both men and women alike. For women, size and function can be issues for weaning babies or conducting exercise. Many men seem to be connoisseurs to varying degrees of size.

In the small beach town of Reihokucho, northwest of Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture, there is a big rock called “Oppai Iwa”. The name literally means “Boob rock”. The Oppai Iwa is about 1.5m and hemi-spherically shaped. There’s even a small outcrop of rock to represent a nipple. The resemblance to a woman’s breast is uncanny, and it is considered to be… ample… for its size.

There are several different theories as to the rock’s origin. Because the color is different from other rocks on the beach, it’s thought that the rock flew from a volcano located on the other side of the bay. Oppai Iwa is about 50m off-shore, so it is usually covered by the high tide. It is popularly said that if a woman touches it, her breasts will become bigger or she will be able to produce more breast milk.

The tides schedule can be found on the Reihokucho website.