The neighborhood of Ximending is located in the Northeastern part of Taipei, and is the Taiwanese hub of fashion and Japanese culture. Often referred to as the “the Harajuku of Taipei,” many fascinating sights can be seen just by walking up and down the streets, looking around at the numerous shops, and observing the customers that fill them.

Your reporters in Taipei recently stumbled across a food vendor that sells a corn dog-like concoction made by baking a sausage, coated in hotcake batter, in a special iron grill shaped like a penis.

The Taiwanese customers who visited the shop seemed to have no qualms about this startlingly detailed ‘penis dog.’ While we were there, we saw a number of people casually nibbling on their penis while walking along the busy street. We noticed that they seemed to be particularly popular with children and high school-aged girls; the latter of whom would purchase one penis to share among two or three friends.

You’ve got to admire the vendors, who seem to have no reservations about selling such raunchy treats in the middle of one of Taiwan’s busy shopping districts. Plus, at a mere $1.50, the price of this penis just can’t be beat.

In Japan, there are a number of shrines dedicated to the worship of the penis. Perhaps this waffle wiener represents the start of a new cock-centric culture for Taiwan, or maybe young Taiwanese people are just comfortable with sexuality. The next time you’re in Taipei, why not try discarding those dated conceptions of the human body as something obscene and wrap your lips around a penis pancake yourself?