In 2007 Japanese home sanitation company S.T. Corporation launched a commercial for their popular brand of bathroom deodorizer, Shoshu-Riki for Toilet, featuring a group of foreign musicians performing a jingle called Song for Toilet.

The commercial and jingle became an instant hit with its catchy tune and lyrics: “Shoshu-Riki, I love the toilet. Shoshu-Riki, I love it too! For your lovely toilet, Shoshu-Riki!”

Four years later, in April of 2011, S.T. Corporation released a much more soothing commercial that features a young boy singing the tune of “Song for Toilet” with the stunning vista of a European city in the background.

This commercial was also well received by the public who were moved by the boy’s beautiful voice. Some people, however, may have been left with blank stares as they wondered what they just watched has to do with anything.

It turns out there is much deeper meaning to this commercial than a beautiful voice, and it can be found in the city that sits in the background: Lisbon, Portugal.

In 1755 Lisbon was hit by a giant earthquake, triggering fires and a tsunami. It resulted in the loss of over 60,000 lives, and the near-total destruction of the city. This commercial, which is S.T. Corporation’s first since the Great East Japan Earthquake, can thus be seen as a message of hope to those affected.

Kouji Kage, head of advertising at S.T. Corporation, comments on the making of the commercial: “We felt a great sense of strength filming with the city that had achieved such a recovery in the background.” Even after such a terrible disaster, Lisbon was beautifully reconstructed and its people able to return to a normal life. Surely, Japan will recover in the same way.

Original Article: Wokototen

Translation: Steven