It’s a well-known fact that romantic relationships with real women are incredibly inconvenient: you take them out on dates, pay for their meals, and do everything you can to keep them pleased—only to be kicked to the curb at the end of the day. Even if you did find that perfect girl, you’d be too nervous to talk to her in the first place!

Face it: it’s just easier to stay single. However, even those free from delusions of ‘romance’ may still fantasize of a little pleasant interaction with the opposite sex from time to time.

Now, thanks to the ‘background video’ DVD series Amateur Meal Time ~Let’s Eat Together!~, you can now fulfill that desire by enjoying the atmosphere of a dinner date without the hassle of actually having to meet a real woman!

Each DVD features a number of lovely young ladies as they sit across the table from the camera and engage in pleasant small talk as they enjoy their meal.

The description on the back cover explains: “No one likes to eat alone, but as long as you have this video it’ll be alright! Choose one of five lovely girls to eat with you. Now you won’t be lonely, even when alone.”

All three of the Amateur Meal Time series DVDs are available for purchase online at for the low price of 3990 yen (US $49.50) each.

Source: K-Network (Warning: Adult Content)