A recent commercial by a Taiwanese online game company has been met with a flood of complaints from viewers for its intolerable use of the human vocal chords.

The commercial was created to promote a new campaign where players are entered into a drawing to win an iPad 2 by playing the company’s online Mahjong game.

The commercial begins with two young women showing their excitement for the launch by literally shrieking at the top of their lungs, followed by an overweight, middle-aged women laughing maniacally.

Demands to discontinue the commercial poured in from viewers who claimed that they were startled by the sudden shrieking. Taiwanese viewers said that the commercial is ‘ear abuse,’ and some even claim that it made them think someone was in danger. Indeed, we can’t think of anywhere else you would hear raw shrieking followed by maniacal laughter other than a murder scene.

The company responsible for the commercial issued a formal apology and soon replaced it with a much more tolerable version:

The company also promised that all advertisements hereafter will exhibit more restraint, no matter how excited they are.

Translation: Steven