In 2009 a Facebook group called The lying down game was created to showcase pictures of people lying face-down with rigid bodies in public. The group became an Internet sensation in the English-speaking world and the group now hosts thousands of pictures of fans face-planting all over world.

Now, a Facebook page featuring photographs of two beautiful young women lying face-down in public places around Taiwan has began to spread the fire across Asia.

The ladies appearing in the pictures are the lovely “Jinyu” (25) and “Karren” (28), two photography enthusiasts based in the city of Taichung. On April 26 they created a Facebook group called “Puk Kai Girls”—literally “Face-down on the Street Girls”—which has already reached over 88,000 followers as of May 16.

The Facebook is filled with comments from fans asking the girls to play the game in their area, and there are even requests to perform at parties. Many fans have also showed their support by assuming the position themselves.

Despite their humorous nature, the pictures display the kind of planning and artistic character only capable of professionals. For example, the ladies use a variety of angles and carefully choose their clothing and hairstyle to best match the mood of the surrounding scenery.

Karren wrote, “We take these photos to get people to laugh, but it’s also invigorating for me.” Furthermore, the two responded to a question wondering if it’s painful to lie face-down on the ground, saying, “Of course it hurts! But, just as with life, even when we fall we pick ourselves back up!”

For more pictures click the Facebook link below.

Translation: Steven

Source:, Facebook 仆街少女 (Chinese only)

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