In early April an invitation to apply to an ‘Adult Training Camp’ appeared on the Internet in Japan.

The camp will run for two days and three nights and is directed toward virgin college students who wish to learn about, and experience, an adult sex life. During the camp attendees will be randomly partnered up with a participant of the opposite sex to have their first experience with.

Pairing college students to take each others’ virginities may sound like the rundown of a teen comedy, but White Hands, the nonprofit organization sponsoring the camp, takes the matter seriously.

Up until now, the focus of White Hands’ activities has been to provide ‘ejaculation assistance’ to patients with cerebral palsy and other disabilities who are unable to properly masturbate for themselves. They also provide professional training for dealing with a variety of sexual issues in modern society.

Shingo Sakatsume, graduate of the prestigious University of Tokyo and White Hands representative, believes that “like assistance with eating and toileting, sexual assistance is a part of health management.”

While probably one the less common forms of care for the disabled, this was actually a topic brought to the Japanese public eye in 2004 with the publication of Kaori Kawai’s nonfiction book Sex Volunteer. The book, which was very well received by the public, presents stories of the disabled from around the world and the organizations and people who help them with their sex lives.

Mr. Sakatsume says that with this event White Hands is aiming to broaden its activities to reach out to virgin adults:

“The complexes some young virgins hold toward sex can become a serious problem. However, by attending this ‘Adult Training Camp’ they can have a healthy sexual experience as an adult, regardless of concerns over looks, communication skills and romantic experience. I believe this can help them feel self-confident and empowered.”

Participants will attend a series of lectures and workshops throughout the day, and stay at a hotel at night for a practical session with their partner. Lectures deal with a variety of issues such as gender, sexual health, reproductive physiology, dating and birth control. Workshops are composed of a self-introduction on the first day, and discussion and sharing of impressions after each practical session.

The practical sessions are aimed to give participants a “starting point for their new sex life.” There are a total of three sessions in which partners will try to cover 12 steps. The format is as follows:

1) Enter the hotel room and relax

2) Kissing practice

3) Undress

4) Shower together

5) Dry each other off

6) Enter bed, embrace and sleep together

On the first night, partners are encouraged only to make it through the first six steps. On the second night partners will repeat steps 1-6 and try to reach 12, with 8 as the ‘passing line.’

7) Foreplay and putting on condom

8 ) Application of lubricant followed by intercourse (10 minutes)

9) Ejaculation

10) Post-coital activity

11) Shower together

12) Re-dress

Attendance is limited to currently-enrolled college students aged 18-24 who “have never had a sexual experience with the opposite sex.” Space is limited to 10 attendees (five male and five female) at the cost of 155,500 yen (US $1,916) per person.
Discounts are available to group registrants, scholarship students, and students with high TOEIC scores.

Applications are being accepted through August 19 and the camp is to be held for three days starting August 29 in Niigata City.

Translation: Steven

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Source: NPO White hands: Seijin Gashuku (Japanese only)