Construction is often thought of as a man’s job. The work can be physically demanding and dangerous, and many women may not be interested in drilling nails and operating heavy machinery. However, in the Sichuan province of China rumor is going around of one lovely young lady who’s got the wrecking balls to sweat and grunt with the big boys.

It is said that the scene of this petite construction princess working diligently on-site is that of a beautiful flower blossoming in the wasteland. Much like The Begging Lolita of Beijing, her child-like face and innocent smile can melt the hardest of men.

But don’t let that cute face fool you: this young lady learned how to operate a loading shovel within only two months, and there has not been one accident in her entire three years of handling equipment. In fact, her skills are now so precise that she can open the lid of a beer can with tip of a loading shovel’s digger.

She is also licensed to drive a tractor and uses one to haul the loading shovel to the construction site every day.

Her company relies heavily on her ability to operate multiple vehicles safely and rewards her with a monthly salary of 4500 yuan (US $690)—much higher than the average starting salary for college graduates. She comments on the pay: “Of course there is always something better out there, but this is plenty for me.”

Source:捜狐大視 (Chinese)

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