Some older Japanese women wear their school uniforms well after they’ve graduated high school in an attempt to make themselves look younger. After all, nothing screams youthful innocence in Japan like a sailor outfit. Eventually, however, everyone reaches an age where “youthful innocence” is better read as “pitiful desperation.”

But if you adults out there are still looking for an excuse to strut about in your old high school uniform, we have news for you: Ramen Shop Takanashi in Yokohama offers free ramen to customers over 30 who enter the shop wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Yes, even men.

Ramen Shop Takanashi is popular in the area for the Showa-era atmosphere of its interior and is said to serve an outstanding bowl of ramen.

Inside the restaurant there is a piece of paper posted to the wall that reads: “Ramen free to customers aged 30 and over wearing a sailor outfit.” We called Ramen Shop Takanashi to verify this information, to which they assured us: “Yes, and men are also eligible. We look forward to your visit.”

When we asked what compelled them to offer this quirky promotion, they simply replied: “Because it’s funny.”

Those in Yokohama looking to score a free meal may do well to throw on a skirt and head over to Ramen Shop Takanashi. However, men over 30 wearing a high school girls’ school uniform in public may be subject to police questioning; do so at your own risk.

Restaurant Name: ラーメンショップ高梨 (Ramen Shop Takanashi)
Address: 1-7 Fujimi-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama
Business Hours: 11:00-16:30 (Occasionally closes early)

Source: あごひげ海賊団