Shoplifting at supermarkets, bookstores, and the like has been on the rise in Japan in recent years. As a result, it is now common to see signs posted outside of stores that read “Stealing is a crime” or “We report theft.” Some stores will even post police and damage reports so that those considering the five-finger discount can see exactly how much they are risking.

Usually when someone is caught stealing by an employee they are escorted to the back and told to wait until the police come. However, there is supposedly one grocery store here in Japan that explicitly states it does not report theft to the police.

Instead, the paper posted to the wall of the store reads: “Stealing is a crime. If we discover theft in our store, we will not report you to the police…however, our store manager is homosexual.”

A picture of the sign was uploaded to photo sharing site Twitpic; however the user does not specify where the picture was taken, nor if the store manager being a homosexual is a threat or an appeal to potential shoplifters.

While this may very well be a strange joke, it has been shown that a good dosage of gay can go a long way in persuading people fix their criminal ways:

Source: Twitpic (@Mujina_SP)