Many dentists lay out toys and picture books in their office to keep children entertained while they wait for their turn. However, a picture has surfaced of a stuffed Doraemon, a popular manga and anime character, at the office of one dentist that probably makes kids even more reluctant to get their teeth cleaned.

Ravaged with copious lipstick and a disturbing set of human teeth, Doraemon, that beloved cultural icon and object of affection for Japanese children, has been turned into a Chuckie-level doll of nightmares.

The equally—if not more—frightening yellow doll to the right is Doraemon’s little sister Dorami.

The brushes attached to the collars of both stuffed animals suggest they were made to teach children about the importance of general hygiene and how to brush. We’d be surprised if any child could pull themselves from that oral abyss of terror long enough to listen to what the dentist is actually saying.

Source: Twitpic (@r_m2a)