Japanese guys love their female newscasters so much that the best (and cutest) of them hold celebrity status. Yet no matter how much they are fawned over by fans, these lovely ladies are professionals and make it a point to not do anything overtly cute while on the air.

But surely there are many people who want the cute first and the news second. To these people, we recommend one of Taiwan’s newest sensations: Weather Girls.

Weather Girls is an ongoing daily segment by Taiwanese animated news network NMA.TV where a group of cute young Taiwanese girls dance to the day’s weather forecast for Taiwan and the United States.

Each day of the week is hosted by a different weather girl, and they deliver a short message to viewers in the most adorable voice they can conjure up. Moreover, each month is a different theme, with June being ‘graduation season’ and the girls dressing up in Japanese school uniforms and speaking in faltering—yet endearing—Japanese.

Of course, public school graduation in Japan is in not June but March; however, since they’re just so cute I suppose we can let it slide just this once.

The girls speak in their best English most months, and it’s exciting to hear what charming one-liner they’ll put out next.

Be sure to check the official website for daily updates and access to older forecasts. There is also a Facebook page for more personal information about the girls, though it is currently available in Chinese only.

We’ve also posted a selection of videos of girls from different months for those of you who want a quick sample of what Weather Girls is all about.

Source: Weather Girls
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