On June 24th Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria put the legendary Tower Cheeseburger back on the menu as a limited time promotion.

After the burger was discontinued many people expressed desire for Lotteria to bring it back.

This meaty piece of architecture is composed of 10 stacked beef patties and 10 slices of cheese for 990 yen (US$12.25)—a value of 99 yen a patty! Those who think the standard tower isn’t enough can pay an extra 100 yen for each extra level of beef and cheese they want piled on.

We decided to put the tower to the test and had the good people of Lotteria prepare a 30-patty tower. However, it ended up being too big to package, so we requested it be divided into thirds for reassembly after taking it back to the office.

The taste was as delicious as could be expected from the tried and true combination of beef and cheese, yet the sheer volume of 30 patties stacked together seemed to squeeze out even more savory juices than usual, and as we hungrily threw patty after patty of beef into our mouths we became filled with a carnal ecstasy.

This must be the power…

…the power of the tower!

Photos: RocketNews24