An apparently unwitting weather forecaster walked into the WZTV studio in Zhejiang Province, China wearing a T-shirt bearing arguably the most offensive (and versatile) word in the English language.

The censors slumbered and studio personnel allowed the young woman to give her cheerful report of the day’s weather with said word emblazoned across her chest above an angry and possibly homicidal cousin of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.

The young woman’s choice of wardrobe has caused a controversy, catching viewers by surprise since the message on her shirt belies her cute, peppy demeanor. It is quite clear that she doesn’t realize that her T-shirt is screaming at viewers much more loudly than any of her talk of cumulonimbus clouds and cold fronts.


Judging by the reactions posted on Internet forums by Chinese users, the meaning and significance of the word on her shirt was not lost on the average Chinese:

“Is she advertising?”

“Mighty big guts for a small lady.”

“Long on hair, short on brains.”

“Come on, let her go. She’s cute.”

“She’s an illiterate chick from the sticks.”

Moral of the story: know what you’re wearing. Get those “cool” Chinese shirts and tattoos checked out now!

Source/Image: TT Mop