Lady Gaga fans languishing in the Japanese countryside, your day has arrived.  No longer will you only yearn to see Lady Gaga in your midst, far removed from the Budokan and other popular metropolitan venues in Japan. She has already arrived and is performing in a rice field near you.

Word around Japan is that there is no terrace too high, no paddy too far removed for the illustrious singer to consider an appearance.  However, her performances are a bit stiff, and sometimes they are downright scary.

As Japan heads into the harvest season for rice, likenesses of Lady Gaga have been cropping up all over the country as scarecrows. Lonely yet creative farmers have found many ways to cast the enigmatic entertainer in straw, ranging from the green hair she sported on a tour through Japan to the outfit she wore on her appearance on the long-running TV program, “Tetsuko’s Room.”

Hop in the car and go for a countryside drive, or simply browse Google Images to sneak a peek at where Lady Gaga will pop up next.

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