Fast, convenient and a selection of products large enough to make shopping malls obsolete, is the Mecca for internet shoppers.

The site is particularly useful for purchasing products you may not be able to easily find at local shops, such as rare books, collectibles and a unique variety of butchered animals.

That’s right – while they may not show up on the front page’s daily deals, the internet retailer does offer a hefty selection of rare meats. We’ve searched to see just what we can have shipped to us in that happy brown box and today we’d like to serve you our top 5 choice cuts.

Note: All links are in Japanese only.

1. Camel meat – 100g (4.50 USD)
2. Kangaroo meat – 100g (5.90 USD)
3. Gecko meat – 100~150g (26.20 USD)
4. Alligator hand meat – 170~270g (12.45 USD)
5. Ostrich meat – 100g (6.30 USD)

While it’s easy enough to click the ‘purchase’ button and have 150g of gecko meat delivered to your door, this list raises a number of questions. How do you prepare gecko meat? Is there actually a demand for gecko meat in Japan? Who is killing all the geckos?