On October 3, the day after more than 700 people were arrested for blocking traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge as a part of a protest against Wall Street, protesters boldly moved on to occupy Zucotti Park to continue their rally.

When our reporters visiting New York stopped by Zucotti Park to see what the great American protest was all about, there was one sight amongst the madness of protesters and press that seemed to be grabbing attention particularly among female passersby: a lone man representing what he calls the “Fart smeller movement.”

He appeared among the demonstrators carrying a picture of himself with his head buried in the rear of a young lady, supposedly inhaling the fragrance that had been released from it moments before, and asked female pedestrians and protesters if he may do the same with them.

Unfortunately, the man was only ignored or rejected and we were unable to witness him practice his art. Nor did we have the courage to ask him why he his advocating such a cause or what he finds so compelling in the freshly-blown wind of young women in the first place.

Still, whether this is a real fetish or just some twisted form of personal entertainment, we’re not quite sure we can agree with this kind of behavior at a protest about actual issues. Were it Japan, surely he would be reported to the police for perversion, to say the least.

Source: RocketNews24.