Scholars have long grappled with the question: “Who loves fried chicken more, African-Americans or Chinese people?” African American’s love of fried chicken is said to date back to the 19th century, when chicken was the only livestock slaves were allowed to raise. On the other hand, the Chinese have been frying chicken for centuries and their love for even Western variants on the dish is evident in the skyrocketing popularity of Kentucky Fried Chicken in the country.

In fact, the Chinese love fried chicken so much that they even love African Americans who love fried chicken. At least, that’s the only we can explain the existence of the new Beijing eatery, Obama Fried Chicken.

The restaurant’s logo is an image of Obama’s head put on Colonel Sanders’ body with a color scheme and design so identical to KFC that if it were anywhere else the owner would be frying in a lawsuit.

The appearance of the restaurant coincides with a recent KFC commercial featuring an Obama-lookalike that is said to be popular in China. Is Obama Fried Chicken trying to jump on the bandwagon? Is the timing a coincidence and they just happen to respect fried chicken-loving African Americans/ Presidents? We may never care know.

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