When people think famous Osaka landmarks, the first places that come to mind are Tsūtenkaku or the Gilico man and the giant mechanical crab in Dōtonbori.

It turns out that there is another landmark that, while much less famous than other Osaka symbols, certainly fits the flamboyant image of the city: a 16-story office building with a section of highway running through it.

The building is the Gate Tower Building and is located in the Fukushima district of Osaka, and the road passing through it is the Ikeda Route of the Hanshin Expressway. The Expressway passes through the 5th through 7th floors and is listed as the tenant of these floors on the information map at the entrance to the building.

The highway, which is enclosed in a structure that insulates noise and vibration, does not actually connect with the office building: both are completely separate so that even if the building were torn down, the highway would stand unaffected.

The floor number listing in the elevator jumps from 4 to 8 and passes through the highway without stopping.

It seems that in 1983, the owner of land attempted to get a permit to construct a building but there were already plans to build the highway there.

Usually at this point, one or both of the two parties concede to the other and the problem is solved. In this case, however, both sides refused to give in and finally, after 5 long years of negotiating, someone suggested they stop bickering and just put the highway through the damn building. And so they did.

Source: Kanzhongguo(Chinese)

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