Pepsi’s new Japan-exclusive strawberry milk flavored soft drink, “Pepsi Pink,” hit supermarket and convenient store shelves on November 8.

According to Pepsi Japan: “Pepsi Pink is a glamorous pink cola drink perfect for the winter party season. Pepsi Pink is defined by a rich strawberry milk aroma and refreshing taste. We jazzed up the package with a pink metallic label featuring a strawberry motif.”

Well book me a suite at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton, it’s Pepsi winter party time!

We made no waste in heading to the convenience store to pick up a bottle and taste Pepsi’s claim for ourselves.

Pepsi certainly wasn’t lying about the rich aroma: the moment we twisted off the cap we were greeted with an intense strawberry milk smell similar to that of the cheap strawberry milk candy found at Japanese sweet shops.

Pouring the carbonated beverage into a cup and bringing it to our mouth, our taste buds were washed over with a flavor that can best be described as—you guessed it—carbonated cheap strawberry milk candy cola.

In conclusion, while it’s not a bad drink, Pepsi Pink didn’t exactly make us feel like throwing on our fur coats and toasting pink martini glasses in front of the fireplace of our private cabin near a ski resort.

If anything, drink if for a bit of nostalgia of those days you spent as a child buying cheap strawberry milk candy from the local sweets shop. Or, if you’ve never had cheap strawberry milk candy from Japanese sweet shops, drink it to know what the hell we’re talking about.

Photo: RocketNews24.
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