What better to heat you up as the weather turns cold than some Babes from the North? Russian models have a reputation for knowing how to keep warm, but four-year-old model Kristina Pimenova is crushing hearts with her doll-like features and uber-cute poses.

Down, boy! Here, go chew on Nozomi Sasaki for another 15 years. She’s from the Russia of Japan (otherwise known as Akita Prefecture).

Back to Pimenova. Her face is perfect. She has a perfect smile. Her smart expressions are, in a word, perfect. Her poses are – what else? – perfect! She might just be the perfect little girl. Unicorns and rainbows, green pasture, brown paper packages tied up with string, the whole bit.

Seems Pimenova’s mother is also an active model, so there isn’t much stopping the younger Pimenova from joining the ranks someday. Until then, bask in the ultra-cuteness of the present!

By Chinami Nagasu


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