Property hunters: Have you ever considered adding Japanese medieval real estate to your portfolio?

It just so happens that Sendai Sengoku Mura (lit: Warring States Village), a 3300 square meter recreation of a 16th century Japanese castle town located in Kagoshima prefecture is up for sale on internet shopping site Rakuten.

In addition to a stunning (though not life-sized) medieval castle replica, the theme park includes a traditional Japanese Zen garden and even an outdoor obstacle course—all for the modest price of 1,000,000,000 yen (12.98 million USD, shipping not included).

Until now, Sendai Sengoku Mura has been operated by Marutake Sangyo CO LTD, a company which produces Japanese traditional armor and props used in TV dramas and movies, and also repairs authentic armor.

The village itself has been used as a kind of historical theme park/museum, where guests can admire 16th century architecture and various displays.

According to the item description page on Rakuten: “While the manager is out on research, we decided to see what happens if we put the entire village up for sale! Though we did inform the company president of this decision, we were told that if word gets out to the imperial court, we’ll be paying with our heads.”

Hrm. It’s difficult to tell if the listing itself is a joke, but with the price as outrageously high as it is, perhaps they never expected anyone to take them seriously in the first place.

Source:Rakuten (Japanese)
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