Previously, we shared a series of images of Chinese public toilets so inconveniently-designed that we imagine most people would rather hold it until they get home.

Now, we’d like to share yet another image of a ridiculous public lavatory that has recently caused a splash on Chinese internet forums for being what can only be described as the expert mode of toilets.

Indeed, at first glance, the toilet looks like some kind of sick game: steady yourself by placing your feet on the raised platforms, assume the dropping position, open the hatch and aim for a hole in one.

Even the once-leisurely number 1 becomes a challenge of concentration and accuracy.

However, taking a closer look at the picture you’ll notice that the porcelain actually curves inward with a very soft slope. Still, the bowl looks rather shallow and if you lose control of output speed you might find yourself standing above some unpleasant flooding. And really, there’s no reason for the hole to be that small—I mean, what are you supposed to do with the toilet paper? only)

▼Looking closely you can see there is a light gradient, thank god.

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