Anything could make a visit to the dentist more enjoyable, but what on earth would make a man schedule an appointment months in advance or show up and wait several hours to get his teeth checked?

Why, a hot dentist, of course. Clinics in Taiwan seem to get it: employing gorgeous young dentists has led to parades of patients lining up to get checked and check the women out.

Two “model” dentists that make patients take to the dentist’s chair with a smile are Dr. Yun-Rong Tsai, 25, of Taipei and Dr. Shu-Qin Liu, 26, of New Taipei City.

Tsai is a rookie dentist who just started in September of this year, but she is already commanding such a following that patients have to book more than a month in advance to see her. Tsai’s clinic reports that she already leads the clinic in repeat visits, most of them men.

Liu is constantly booked at least two weeks into the future. Her patients often have to wait three to four hours, and they do so gladly.

“Dr. Liu is certainly beautiful, but her technique is solid, and I feel safe in her chair,” one patient said.

Since reports of Tsai, Liu and other hot dentists have blown up on the Internet, their clinics have been flooded with gawkers who just want to get a peep and men masquerading as “patients.” They are told nicely not to come so frequently if nothing is wrong with them, but that does not seem to deter them from filling up the dentists’ black books.

Look, we all understand that the prospect of a beautiful face hovering over you makes even drilling and teeth-cleaning bearable, but dentistry is serious work. Crack your teeth or pull them out if you have to, but make sure there’s a reason for your next visit.

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Dr. Yun-Rong Tsai, 25, was a model during her college days.

Dr. Shu-Qin Liu, 26, knows how to ease your pain.

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