A lot of ladies head to the spa for beauty treatments and relaxation, and recently more and more men have been getting in on that action. But the spa industry isn’t stopping there. They’ve begun on the animal kingdom as well.

According to our sources, Australia now boasts a spa for the exclusive use of lady crocodiles.

These lucky lizards are found at a crocodile research center in the Northern Territory capital of Darwin. The treatments are performed on young females about to reach mating age. I suppose you could call it a kind of pre-wedding pampering.

Just like a regular spa, “customers” can get hair removal, exfoliating treatments, and nail art, among other things. One crocodile will be waited on by a whole team of people in true VIP style. Says the owner of the salon enthusiastically, “The crocodile mating season is almost here, and we want to help our crocodiles be flawlessly beautiful!

The first question that comes to mind is not whether crocodiles actually need these treatments, but whether they actually have hair. Who knew? In any event, the lady crocs do look like they are enjoying themselves as they are being worked on. No doubt they will leave as relaxed and satisfied as any human spa goer ever did.

Apparently, it takes 5 techs to pretty up a croc.

What a rapturous reptile!
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