November 23 marked the grand opening of the two-story Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 in Harajuku.

The store is owned and operated by Khara Inc. and Groundworks, the two companies that oversee official merchandise for all things Evangelion.

Until now, Khara and Groundworks have handled merchandise orders through the online shop EVANGELION STORE. Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 is their first physical outlet and carries approximately 2,300 different items, from stationary to Eva-inspired clothing and fashion accessories.

We recently visited the store and snapped a few pictures to share with our readers who can’t make it out to Tokyo themselves.

The store concept is described as “REAL EVA STYLE” and aims to immerse customers in an atmosphere inspired by the Evangelion world-view instead of simply bombarding them with cardboard cutouts and posters.

The interior and store fixtures are therefore subtle in design, but feature a stylish motif that is clearly based on the anime.

The apparel, which is located on the first floor along with checkout and an event space, was also designed to appeal to Eva fans and non-fans alike.

Though Evangelion is already one of the most popular animated series in Japan, Khara and Groundworks hope to use the store to broaden the franchise’s appeal even further as well as deepen fans’ love for the series even further.

Store officials state that they plan to further expand the range of goods available for purchase along with the approach of the autumn 2012 release date of Evangelion: 3.0, the next film in the Rebuild of Evangelion series.

For a closer look at the kind of merchandise available at Tokyo-01, check the official website here.

The Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 is located on 8-23 Itchome Jingumae in Shibuya, a short walk from Harajuku station. Business hours are from 10am to 7pm.

Link: Evangelion Store Tokyo-01

▼The first floor is loaded with Evangelion-inspired apparel

▼A life-sized Rei Ayanami bronze statue standing around the stairs to the 2nd floor

▼The 2nd floor walls are decorated with original Eva artwork from famous Manga artists

▼You’ll find all the Eva goods you could ever want on the 2nd floor

▼Fans could probably spend a good hour just looking at everything on display

▼They’ve even got “Kaji’s Garden” outside! (though no watermelons…)

▼Unfortunately, the pesticide-free plants have been devoured by insects.

▼We bought some “Eva Candy” to take home!

▼The center of each piece of candy is decorated with a different design. Here we have Unit-01

▼We also purchased a box of Shito Manju (Angel Steamed Bun), perhaps the most awesome manjuyou can get in Japan.

▼The manju is bright red thanks to the blood orange used in the dough.