Supermodel of the World is an international supermodel contest hosted by Ford Models which invites young aspiring fashion models from over 50 countries to find new talent for the industry.

While past winners have been predominately from Caucasian countries, the past few years have seen girls from Asian countries—South Korea in 2008 and the Philippines in 2011—come out on top.

Recently, China seems to have found a new talent who may be good enough to become the first model from the country to take the title.

However, in addition to her beauty, there are two things about this newcomer that have made her a hot topic in China: one, she is Tibetan, and two,—brace yourselfshe is only 14 years old.

Her name is Měiqí Suǒlǎng (索朗美淇), though she also goes by the English pseudonym ‘Jessica,’ and at 172cm tall with perfect proportions and stunning features, it’s only reasonable to think that she was born to be a supermodel.

While Japanese model Masako Mizutani has been getting attention for looking 20 years under her age, 14-year-old Měiqí’s modeling photos make her look at least 5 years older.

Měiqí has participated in modeling contests while attending a public middle school since she was 13.

On her profile, she comments: “My mom and dad back me up on whatever I want to do. They’re always supporting me.”

Měiqí doesn’t seem to fuss much about contest results: “I only care about showing people my best performance.”

We hope that her best performance is enough to get her some international recognition: winners of the Supermodel of the World competition receive a $250,000 modeling contract with Ford Models, and surely even China would celebrate her Tibetan background if she gained some recognition for the country’s modeling industry.

In any case, we’re looking forward to seeing more of her in the future!

Check below for more of Měiqí’s photos.

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