Who could forget, Masako Mizutani, the 40-year-old magazine model who laughs in the face of time and recently set the international internet community ablaze. Her perplexingly unfailing sex appeal has even caused some of our readers to suspect vampirism or cryogenic freezing, while others were left with uncomfortable thought about their mothers.

Now, we’ve tracked her progress from age 20 to 30 in search of her secrets, so let’s take a trip down memory lane to see how this stunner pulled off what most women (and let’s face it, men too) could only dream of.

Hopefully we won’t encounter any vampires on the way.

Feast your eyes on these shots of her that were dug up. From the looks of these, it’s easy to see that she never had to go through an ugly duckling phase.

(Pictures run from top to bottom)

Age 20: Definitely a good start. There weren’t many women that hot when I was in college.

Age 21: As she came of age, Mrs. Mizutani began her love affair with cosmetics, but all the make-up in the world won’t help you get a body like that.

Age 23: Okay, she does look a little white there, but I don’t see any bite marks. However, Mrs. Mizutani at this age cut back on her make-up dependence and went for more holistic beauty treatments like Aloe.

Age 26: Following the birth of her two children, she discovers the benefit of a Japanese diet: Hotness

Age 30: Oh my God! I can see a spot! Quick, stock her up with some cleanser and get her face in front of some steam asap!

Especially around her twenties, Masako Mizutani was a lot like other Japanese actresses and models. Undoubtedly sexy, but we’ve seen it before. However, Mrs. Mizutani puts herself above the rest by maintaining that sexy despite the powerful forces of time, child-raising and the myriad duties of being a housewife.

Still, the question remains: How long can she keep up looking this drop-dead gorgeous? Keep your eyes peeled for more, up-to-the-minute reports on her progress right here.