After eight years in the making, South Korean animated film Aaichi & Ssipak was finally released in its home country in 2006. Now, in February 2012, the film will finally be getting released on Japanese shores. But why the delay?

Well, for starters, Aaichi & Ssipak is a movie packed with graphic scenes of sex, violence, and poop. No, really.

According to the official description, Aaichi & Ssipak is:

“An animated film from director Joe Bum-jin about a futuristic world powered entirely by human feces. With the government anxious to control this sole, important source of energy, they install special sensors on its citizens’ anuses to monitor production, while controlling the populace by distributing addictive poop-inducing popsicles.”

As you could imagine, the over-the-top vulgarity of the film made it difficult for Japanese film authorities to digest, taking a total of 6 years after its domestic release before it was given the green light to be dumped on Japanese audiences.

The official Japanese site proudly describes the film as a ‘shit movie’ made from the greatest waste of creative effort in history.But despite this self-depreciation, the movie has quite a few medals to show for itself, including Best Film at the 2007 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival and Best Animated Feature Film at the 40th annual Sitges Film Festival.

Aaichi & Ssipak will open first at the Baust Theatre in Kichijoji, Tokyo, on February 11, followed by a wide-release at select theaters across the country.

Those in Japan interested in checking out the film should check the official site for more information about where to find the nearest participating theater.

Source:Aaichi & Ssipak Official Japanese Site

▼You may or may not be able to view the full movie on YouTube

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