Since the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake in Japan, Taiwan has shown itself to be a nation of extremely generous and caring people, who helped us through one of our darkest times. What you may not know, however, is that Taiwan is also a nation full of some of the hottest women you’ve ever seen. With the announcement that an online poll has selected Taiwan’s 10 Most Beautiful Women, Rocket News 24 would like to return the care and attention that they have given Japan. We also hope you join us and not miss out on the hottest women Taiwan has to offer!

Get ready to meet Taiwan’s 10 Most Beautiful Women:

1) Niu-Niu

At first glance, Niu-Niu fits the mold of a Japanese fashion model. With her huge puppy dog eyes, she has become popular from internet auctions and worked up to magazine modeling.

On her internet blog, she dishes out fashion tips, make-up advice and reviews of new women’s products. It looks like this one had the backing of the ladies in Taiwan on top of her usual male fans.

2) Angel Hong

Angel Hong started out as a cast member of a hit Taiwanese variety show at a young age. Since the show went off the air she has been getting more and more attention as she grows into a more sophisticated femme fatale type. She has cuteness down to such a science that when she turns on her impressive seductive charm it can be startling, not that her fans are complaining though.

3) An Xiao-Quao

It makes sense that An Xiao Quao is often called “the sexy one” of this group. She has a habit of appearing in photos wearing tops that plunge further than the Euro on a bad day, yet without pushing the limits of good taste.

An Xiao Quao earned some distinction as a self-confessed gearhead which has ultimately led to her becoming the spokes model for an online game after having appeared in numerous newspaper and magazine ads.

4) Guai-Guai

Since her start as a model for bridal wear and an internet auction site, Guai-Guai has skyrocketed in popularity almost overnight. At a height of 168cm and weighing in at only 47kg she fits the bill for high level modeling work of any kind. Everything from the way she carries herself to her features has an almost indescribably exotic appeal that has won over many fans.

5) Dou Hua Mei (Tofu Pudding Girl)

Dou Hua Mei got her name from a popular Chinese dessert that she used to serve at her part-time job when she was discovered. From these humble beginnings she is now celebrating her debut album which was released this year.

As sweet as her name, fans find themselves hooked on her girl-next-door looks and personality.

6) Bāozi

Although Bāozi never worked as a professional model or anywhere else in show business, she is undoubtedly deserving of a place in the 10 most beautiful women of Taiwan.

Her modest blog about her vacations and pet dog has somehow become a phenom that has penetrated into the darkest corners of the internet in Taiwan, and her photos have helped her penetrate into the hearts of thousands of voters.

7) Wu Yu-Shu

Those of us who live outside of Taiwan have probably never heard of news announcer Wu Yu-Shu, but inside Taiwan you can’t throw a rock without hitting an admirer of hers. Aside from the news, her beautiful face graces TV commercials and appears throughout Taiwanese media.

It’s nice to see the people of Taiwan appreciating a woman for her brains as well as her beauty.

8) Wu Yi-Jie

Speaking of which, Wu Yi-Jie is a gorgeous graduate of Taiwan University, which is like the Harvard of Taiwan. While studying there she also earned the special honor of being one of TU’s “Five Great Princesses”.

With the double threat of being smart and sexy, Wu Yi-Jie was flooded with offers from all over show-biz. In the end she decided on a career in newscasting. Her responsibility has certainly made an impression on voters.

9) Wei-Wei

Although she hasn’t quite reached the level of superstar yet, Wei-Wei has been turning more than a few heads with her work in a number of commercials and music videos, where she sometimes appears alongside A-list talent.

Another girl who made her start in internet auction sites, you can now catch Wei-Wei as she pushes Cannon cameras in their latest TV ad. Clearly the advertising industry is not one to pass by an up and coming face like hers.


Clear skin, wide eyes, and delicate features are factors that many of the most beautiful women share. However, JME doesn’t just have these things. This girl possesses a playful spirit that has melted everyone’s heart.

Even while looking through her portfolio of professional modeling shoots as she poses in sexy and chic atmospheres her natural innocence always comes across. For such transcendent purity JME is truly one of the 10 hottest women in Taiwan.

The words “Taiwan’s Most Beautiful Women” can mean many things to many people. Still the one thing that we can say is all these women have their own vibrancy and uniquely deep personalities.

As 2011 comes to a close seeing Japan find a new depth to their bond with the great nation of Taiwan, we at Rocket News 24 look forward to 2012 as we continue to diligently monitor all the progress of Taiwan’s smoking hot women in-depth.

Source::Yahoo! 奇摩(chaina)