American fast-food chain Wendy’s is back in Japan!

The flagship store opened at midnight on December 27 in Omotesandō, Tokyo, two years after the company had pulled out of the market due to falling profits.

We headed out at 4AM to see the Wendy’s for ourselves and when we arrived, TV stations were preparing their cameras to cover the burger chain’s grand re-opening.

It looks like Wendy’s will have some media coverage to help it get its name out there, but will Japanese customers heed the call?

There was already one person lining up outside by the time we arrived, though we have reason to believe that she may be just a little biased.

Before closing shop two years ago, Wendy’s chili bean products and large-sized burgers were particularly popular with loyal customers.

This time around Wendy’s is planning to compete with entrenched rivals like McDonald’s by enticing Japanese customers with its new JAPAN Premium menu, which features a number of exotic items like the Fois Gras Rossini burger, the Wasabi Avocado burger and the Truffle & Procini Mushroom Grilled Chicken burger.

We’re looking forward to trying out their Natural-Cut French Fries (with sea salt!): crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, they were a particular favorite of ours when we visited a Wendy’s store in America and we look forward to seeing if the taste holds up in Japan!

Photos: RocketNews24.
Correspondent: Kuzo

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