We previously reported on Mizutani Masako, the unbelievably gorgeous 43-year old Japanese mother who—thanks to a 5-hour per day skin care routine—looks half her age.

While pictures of the made-up Mrs. Masako are enough to convince us that she is the world’s most beautiful woman in her 40’s, some of you may be wondering how that goddess-like face holds up after the powder comes off.

After looking at pictures recently posted to her blog of her without makeup, we think it’s safe to say that the makeup was no more than icing on a beautiful, sexy cake.

A lot of image-conscious women avoid taking pictures or going outside without any makeup on. Mrs. Masako, however, knows that there’s no reason to hide what she’s been given and takes pictures of herself without makeup on while outside— and uploads them to the internet!

The pictures have once again put Mizutani Masako in the internet spotlight and proved that her beauty can’t be accredited to the power of makeup alone. But, while most fans fell in love with her all over again, a few people accused her of lying about her age.

Given the fact she has a daughter in college, we don’t think that’s very likely. And in any case, Mizutani Masako is just. plain. hot.

Source:Masako’s Life Style (Japanese only)

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