American fast food chain Wendy’s is back in Japan and already many customers have trekked to the first store in Omotesando. Some very enthusiastic customers even lined up as early as 4 am on opening day!

Now, it’s all well and good that the launch itself was a success—but how about the taste?

Being the champions of journalism that we are, we decided to answer this question by ordering one of everything from the Wendy’s menu and bringing it back to our office for a taste test party!

In addition to the standard hamburger menu, Wendy’s is trying to appeal to the delicate Japanese palate with its “JAPAN Premium” series. Burgers featured on this menu are made with high-quality ingredients and are therefore accompanied with a higher price tag as well. There are currently 4 hamburgers offered on the menu: a fois gras rossini burger, a wasabi and avocado burger, a grilled chicken burger with truffle and porcini mushroom sauce, and a hefty chili bean burger.

Of course, our mission was to sample EVERYTHING on the menu. Our receipt looked a little like this:

・ Wendy’s Burger Single 480円 (US $6.23)
・ Wendy’s Burger Double 630円 ($8.18)
・ Wendy’s Burger Half 400円 ($5.19)
・ Wendy’s Burger Triple 780円 ($10.13)
・ Bacon Deluxe Single 530円 ($6.88)
・ Bacon Deluxe Double 680円 ($8.84)
・ Bacon Deluxe Half 450円 ($5.85)
・ Baconator Single 480円 ($6.23)
・ Baconator Double 680円 ($8.84)
・ Chicken Fillet 450円 ($5.85)
・ Spicy Chicken Fillet 450円 ($5.85)
・ Grilled Chicken 450円 ($5.85)
・ Shrimp Supreme 380円 ($4.94)
・ Fois Gras Rossini 1280円 ($16.63)
・ Avocado Wasabi 820円 ($10.65)
・ Truffle & Porcini Grilled Chicken 920円 ($11.95)
・ The Chili Burger 780円 ($10.13)
・ Natural-Cut French Fries 180円 ($2.34)
・ Natural -Cut French Fries Chili & Cheese 320円 ($4.16)
・ Baked Potato Chili & Cheese 360円 ($4.68)
・ Baked Potato Truffle & Porcini 380円 ($4.94)
・ Baked Potato Carbonara 360円 ($4.68)
・ Wendy’s Chili 290円 ($3.77)
・ Wendy’s Chili & Cheese 320円 ($4.16)
・ Garden Salad 480円 ($6.24)
・ Spicy Chicken Caser Salad 580円 ($7.53)
・ BLT Shrimp Salad 580円 ($7.53)
・ Baha Salad 580円 ($7.53)
・ Apple & Nuts Chicken Salad 630円 ($8.18)
・ Chocolate Frosty 240円 ($3.12)
・ Frosty Float Cola 320円 ($4.16)
・ Frost Shake Strawberry 340円 ($4.41)
・ Frosty Parfait Berry Berry 420円 ($5.46)
・ Roll Cake 280円 ($3.64)

TOTAL: 17,020円 (US $221.09)

…for a total of 33 items, tax included!

It took the staff about 20 minutes to prepare our order, which isn’t bad considering the quantity and variety.

After our food was prepared and stuffed in take-home bags, we went back to our office, laid out our bounty and proceeded to make our way through the entire Wendy’s Japan menu.

While it was all good, there were a few items that undoubtedly stood out among the rest. We’ll post a detailed follow up about these items after we recover from our present food coma, so be sure to check back later!


▼ We’ve got the goods, now get in the van!

▼ 33 items and over $200

▼ Natural-Cut Fries (Medium)

▼ Natural-Cut Fries Chili & Cheese

▼ Baked Potato Chili & Cheese

▼ Baked Potato Truffle & Porcini

▼ Baked Potato Carbonara

▼ Wendy’s Chili (Medium)

▼ Wendy’s Chili & Cheese (Medium)

▼ Garden Salad

▼ Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad

▼ BLT Shrimp Salad

▼ Baha Salad

▼ Apple & Nuts Chicken Salad

▼ Wendy’s Burger

▼ Double

▼ Half

▼ Triple

▼ Bacon Deluxe

▼ Bacon Deluxe Double

▼ Bacon Deluxe Half

▼ Baconator

▼ Baconator Double

▼ Chicken Fillet

▼ Spicy Chicken Fillet

▼ Grilled Chicken

▼ Shrimp Supreme

▼ Fois Gras & Rossini

▼ Avocado Wasabi

▼ Truffle & Porcini Grilled Chicken

▼ The Chili Burger

▼ Choco Frosty (Medium)

▼ Frosty Float Cola

▼ Frosty Shake Strawberry

▼ Frost Parfait Berry Berry

▼ Roll Cake

▼ The Receipt

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