The piercing sound of drills, the desperate crying of nervous children, the knowledge that you won’t leave without being scrutinized on your oral hygiene: the dentist’s office is not the most relaxing atmosphere for most people.

In Taiwan, one dentist has recently gained attention for his novel approach to overturning this negative image: limiting the employment of dental assistants to beautiful young women.

That’s right. At Tianlai Dental Clinic in Taipei, you can have your teeth cleaned by one of 7 beautiful young Taiwanese girls in cute pink scrubs.

The girls have been dubbed by fans as “the angels in scrubs” and really, whose heart wouldn’t melt after walking through the door and being asked if you made a reservation by one of these smiling faces?

According to clinical director Yonggang Guo, the clinic was shot into the public limelight after uploading a picture to Facebook of the girls donning Santa hats and giving the ubiquitous V sign.

The page reached over 7000 ‘likes’ soon after the picture was put up before Christmas last year and the clinic even appeared in the news in early January.

Since then, the number of male patients who visit the clinic has increased and some of the girls say they’ve been invited on dates or even received love letters from patients.

At the same time, they comment during the televised news interview that they think the attention is flattering and they’re happy to be referred to as ‘beautiful young girls.’

Incidentally, all 7 of the girls are said to already have boyfriends.

Mr. Guo claims that it is complete coincidence that all 7 of his assistance are attractive young females. However, it seems that all interviews are conducted under the stern gaze of Mr. Guo’s wife, suggesting that she perhaps feels some suspicion towards her husband’s hiring practices.

But in reality, even she recognizes the positive energy a smiling young female face can bring: “Patients who come into the office are in a state of both physical and mental tension. We thought patients could feel more relaxed if being kindly tended to by pretty girls.”

When asked why there are no male assistants, she comments: “It’s not that we don’t hire males. It’s just that we’ve yet to find one that meets our standards.”

Could it be that the wife is really the one pulling the floss behind this operation?

Source:Youtube ttvnewsview、 Facebook 天籟歯科クリニックApple Daily(Chinese only)

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