Uniforms are hot. When a good-looking woman wears a uniform, particularly one from a profession usually dominated by men, it’s especially hot. And hottest among these is probably the police uniform.

Case in point: this lovely policewoman from Taiwan. She already has effortless natural beauty, but put her in a uniform and she becomes something of a sensation. Coworkers, the public, and even suspects are powerless before this officer’s charms.

An officer at the Kweilin Police Station in Taipei, Chen Xuihui stands a model-worthy 5 feet 7 inches tall and has the large eyes and pleasant features that appeal to everyone. But she’s not just a pretty face! Chen also has a medical degree, making her just that much more impressive.

In front of the camera, he keeps her cool and doesn’t say much, but when she smiles, her face comes alive with charm. That twinkling smile has earned her a reputation among her coworkers as a genial and lively gal.

Chen has been working in the neighborhood for three years and has already garnered many fans among the locals who sometimes come to the station just to see her when they’re drunk. One of them even sent her a bouquet of more than 100 roses! Once, a suspect being brought in for questioning spotted her and was so struck by her beauty that he forgot where he was and started hitting on her.

Chen is a professional through and through. Her job is to protect the local citizens and she says she doesn’t want to be the cause of anything that interferes with the smooth operation of the station. You just can’t put a damper on that kind of appeal, though.

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