Many of you may remember hearing about the full scale RX-78-2 Gundam model erected at Shiokaze Park in Odaiba, Tokyo last summer.

The Gundam, standing 18 meters tall and weighing 35 tons, was constructed as a part of an environmental awareness campaign called Green Tokyo Gundam Project and drew 5,120,000 visitors during the 52 days it was on display.

Now, after a 2 year hiatus including a brief stint in Shizuoka, RX-78-2 is finally coming back to Odaiba!

The Gundam will be standing guard in front of the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza commercial complex near the waterfront area of the Kyoto Ward in Odaiba.

And this time it looks like it may be here to stay: the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza will be used to house Gundam Front Tokyo, an “entertainment space” which will include a huge dome theatre for immersive video, an exhibition space, “photospots” to take pictures with Gundam characters, a second outlet of the popular Akihabara Gundam Café and, of course, an official Gundam store packed with limited edition merchandise.

Gundam Front Tokyo is set to open April 19 and those who wish to attend the opening ceremony will need to purchase tickets, which go on sale in the beginning of March (details on how to purchase the tickets not yet available).

Entrance is free after the opening ceremony, so start planning a trip to Odaiba if you missed the life-sized Gundam the first two times or just want to visit what is sure to become Tokyo’s Mecca of mecha.

Source & Images:Gundam Front Tokyo (Japanese only)

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