On our Japanese site, we run a regular column where we review the in-flight meals of airlines around the world.

While we’ve yet to bring any of these to our English site, our latest review was just too good to keep to our Japanese readers.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the in-flight meal of North Korea’s state-owned carrier, Air Koryo.

The meal under review was served to our correspondent during an economy class flight from North Korea’s Sunan International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.

The contents of the meal included a hamburger and a cup of juice – nothing more, nothing less.

The hamburger was topped with 2 thin onion slices and mayonnaise and came in wrapping with Chinese writing on it, suggesting it was made in China.

The juice was available in either apple or orange.

Regarding the taste of the hamburger, our correspondent tells us that both the buns and hamburger patty were incredibly dry, though this may partly be due to the fact that the hamburger was served to him cold.

Our guess is that the microwave is reserved for first-class passengers only.

Special thanks to Kuzo for the photos, video and interview.

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