Major Japanese construction company Obayashi Corporation announced it is planning to build the world’s first space elevator by 2050.

The elevator will consist of a cab built to hold 30 passengers which will be hoisted upwards along a cable made from carbon nanotubes, a material said to be 20 times stronger than steel.

Passengers will spend an estimated total of a week in the cab as it travels the 36,000 kilometers (22,369.37 miles) up to the terminal station at a speed of 200 kilometers (124.27 miles) per hour.

The length of the elevator cable is planned to run 96,000 kilometers (59,651.64 miles), a quarter of the distance to the moon, and will be secured to a departure platform on the ground.

The terminal station will hold a research center and residential space and will be powered using solar panels placed around the station, which will also transmit electricity back to the surface.

Obayashi Corporation has always had its head in the clouds and after the discovery of carbon nanotubes in the 1990s, they determined that it was indeed possible to make a sci-fi structure like the space elevator a reality. The corporation has been working with research institutions such as NASA since.

Obayashi Corporation has yet to disclose the selection of elevator music that will be played during the passengers’ week-long trip.

Source: Yomiuri Online