So by now you’re probably thinking, “Those RocketNews24 guys must really love fast food hamburgers.”

Well, you’re right.

It’s our policy here at RocketNews24 to leave no hamburger un-tasted, no chain un-visited and, where there is the opportunity, enlighten the masses to unorthodox and innovative ways to enjoy their favorite fast food meal.

Most recently, when we learned that Burger King lets you stack on as many hamburger patties as you have the stomach to support, we decided to test the claim by ordering a Double Whopper with 10 extra patties.

As we approached the register to place our order, we were expecting the store staff to tell us they would have to separate the burger into 2 or 3 small boxes for us to assemble on our own later, as per our previous endeavors.

Yet the staff mentioned no such thing and quickly set about constructing our order without question and then binding the tower of hamburger patties in several sheets of wrapping paper held tightly together with cellophane tape and crowning it with a final sheet of paper so that the “Have It Your Way” logo was ironically positioned right over the top bun.

Clever and well-played, just as to be expected from an American burger chain.

Even after taking it back and unwrapping it, the 12-storied legend valiantly held its composure and stood proud as all burger royalty should.

Soon the room was filled with the tempting, juicy aroma of hamburger and your reporter could no longer fight the urge to destroy that which had been so carefully crafted at his own request.

I bit into the Dodeca-Whopper and soon lost myself in its greasy deliciousness. This is the true Big America! This is true junk food!

Now excuse me while I go get my stomach pumped.


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