Have you ever met up with a friend only to find that you chose the same outfit to wear somewhere public?  Or have you ever been in a class where someone you don’t know or even don’t like was wearing the same shirt as you?  The feeling of awkwardness, annoyance, and/or embarrassment that comes with these situations is something most of us try to avoid.

However, three mysterious women in China have decided to make this a way of life by making their faces identical with cosmetic surgery.

Little else is known about these women except for this group photo taken of them that was posted on a Chinese message board site tt.mop.com and viewers are perplexed as to the story behind it.  Who chose the face? Why not just wear the same clothes instead of going this far? Were these three women strangers who just happened to get surgery from the same doctor?  These are some of the questions raised by this photo, along with the most pressing question: Why, just why?

One of the major differences between women and men is the lengths they will go to look beautiful.  Not to say men don’t have their moments of vanity, but the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry is a testament to women’s pursuit of beauty and it’s not uncommon to see some turn to surgery to get a new look.

In this case though, we have to assume these gals have a really close relationship to get their features done in exactly the same way. Just imagine they had a falling out. Every time they looked in the mirror they would see the person they hate.

Judging by the picture, this trio seemed to have ordered the “standard features” of beauty sought by many Asian women: a sharpened chin, a narrowed nose with a straightened bridge, and widened eyes.  And yet, I think I speak for most guys when I find them somewhat creepy, almost robotic.

The moral of this story is that true beauty comes from what makes each of us unique.  There’s nothing wrong with finding ways to enhance how we look, but if everyone takes it to the extreme where we all look the same, then things just get eird like in this picture.  So if you can just be comfortable with what you were given and carry it with pride, then you will have found true beauty.

Original Story: tt.mop.com (Chinese)

▼Can you spot the differences?

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