Jogging at night can be dangerous even if carrying a flashlight or wearing protective gear.

While you probably don’t need to go as far as wrapping yourself up in Christmas lights, it can never hurt to make yourself light up as much as possible, and what better place to start with than your jogging shoes: on February 23, Sanyo Transport began selling flashing LED shoelaces from its online store e-supply.

The shoelaces, called Hikaru LED Kutsuhimo (EEA-YW0565), light up in a total of 3 different patterns and look similar to thin glow bracelets. After attaching the small battery and control unit to the tongue of the shoe, the laces are threaded through the shoes’ eyelets as usual.

The e-supply product page lists a variety of usages for the laces, including: night jogging and walking, child accident prevention, wrapping around your neck or wrists for fashion and pet accessorizing.

The laces cost 560 yen (US $6.97) and are 820mm long. The control unit has dimensions of 58x30x20mm, weighs 42 grams and is equipped with a CR2016 lithium battery.

Source: e-supply (Japanese only)