McDonald’s french fries are 150 yen (US $1.86) regardless of size for a limited time in Japan right now, and you know that means we here at RocketNews24 are going to celebrate like we do best—with copious amounts of junk food.

Just think about it: 150 yen is nearly 50% off the usual 290 yen price for large fries. That’s 140 yen of savings per order.

Fearing that we may never be presented with an opportunity like this again, we pondered over how we could make the best of it, which lead us to the following conclusion: if 1 order of large fries purchased during this promotion yields savings of 140 yen, then 100 orders should theoretically net us 14,000 yen (US $173.75).

And so we did.

We visited our local McDonald’s late at night, not wanting to burden them with such a large order during their busy hours.

We stepped up to the register and stated our request for 100 large fries, which seemed to trouble the staff as they looked at us in disbelief and called over the manager on duty.

The manager explained to us that McDonald’s french fries begin to deteriorate in taste after 7 minutes but, if we were willing to risk an uneven distribution in fry quality, they could handle our order.

We lowered our heads to the manager and his staff and humbly requested they proceed with our order.

After being handed 10 large paper bags each holding 10 large fries, we realized that there was no way we could carry all of this home ourselves, so we called a taxi and loaded them up in the trunk.

Our next obstacle was finding a place to unload the fries: our apartments were far too small to accommodate so many potatoes, so we brought them over an acquaintance’s house and wasted no time taking them out of their bags and lining them up neatly on whatever surface we could find.

By the time we had finished arranging the fries for a photo op, the entire room was musty with that strong McDonald’s french fry grease smell. It was delicious; we could have stayed there the whole night.

As we surveyed our 100 large fries and thought about how we got away with this kind of nonsense for only 15,000 yen (US $186), we couldn’t help but be filled with a sense of glory — even superiority, as we thought of the chumps who must normally spend 29,000 yen to get this many fries.

Now, at this point, you may be wondering what we did with all of these fries.

That is an excellent question.

For the time being, we ate 11 boxes ourselves and split the remaining 89 to take home and store in our refrigerators.

We’re still thinking of what next to do with 89 boxes of cold, soggy fries. We’ll likely start with eating them, but if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Photos & Video & Fries: RocketNews24.

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