When thinking about a golf course, most women probably picture unappealingly dressed men whacking around a small ball while drinking beer.  It’s an image that keeps many a lady off the links, and makes it difficult for a husband to get away for a day on them.

Meanwhile, golf courses in Japan have been suffering. With the downturn in the economy they have been experiencing a dip in attendance recently.

Who would have thought that these two problems could be the perfect solution for each other? 

In Tsukuba, Japan, golf courses are now being rented out for weddings.

In their downtime, without all the golfers trudging across the fairways, golf courses are picturesque, meticulously crafted landscapes; particularly in Tsukuba, which is home to the finest lawn grass in Japan.  This is the kind of setting for a wedding usually only found in story books.

“Many of the clubhouses [around Tsukuba] were built during the Bubble and so they are extremely elegant.  Also, the landscaping at a golf course eclipses any other banquet hall or outdoor meeting place” explains Hiroshi Naito, president of Production BSK, the event planners who came up with the idea to use golf courses as wedding sites.

“A customer requested the idea to us,” Mr. Naito said.  Since then, they have been adding more flair to weddings that only a golf course can provide, the most popular of which has been taking a helicopter ride to the ceremony. “From Tsukuba Heliport, couples are flown in to the spacious golf course where they land, making a dramatic entrance. This is especially popular with younger couples,” he explained.

In addition to helicopters, the planners also make creative use of the facilities by having fireworks go off from the bunkers and decorating golf carts into romantic vehicles built for two.

This is a win-win situation of epic proportions: maintain business for the courses as well as let other people who may not be into the sport experience their beauty. 

Perhaps the best part of it all is any husband who gets married in a golf course gets a free pass to go there anytime.  How can any wife say no to visiting the place they were married?

Original Story: Tsukuba Keizai Shimbun(Japanese)