Gyudon is a popular Japanese dish consisting of sliced beef and onions simmered in a sweet soy sauce-based sauce and served over a bowl of steamed white rice.

While tasty enough on its own, many Japanese people are fond of cracking a raw egg over the top of the dish to give it a richer flavor and consistency.

We understand that many people overseas are hesitant to consume raw eggs—and those fears may very well be justified if you’re not careful about where your eggs come from—but we do it all the time here in Japan and there’s really nothing more tasty!

Especially when it comes to gyudon, the flavor just isn’t complete without a crown of golden yolk. And if raw egg makes it taste so good, why stop at just one? Why not power up your beef bowl with 10 raw eggs?

And so we did.

Choosing none other than Japanese gyudon chain Sukiya as the host for this experiment, we first tested the waters by asking the staff: “Is it true that adding a lot of raw eggs to gyudon makes it taste good?”, to which they cheerfully replied, “Mmm, yeah, I’m pretty sure that would be good.”

Alright, so I’ve confirmed that the number of raw eggs added to a bowl of gyudon is directly proportional to its quality of taste. Let’s do this.

“Then, I’ll have one gyudon with 10 raw eggs please!”

The staff seemed to be momentarily startled at the request, but it was apparently nothing they couldn’t handle and after about a 2-3 minute wait, I was handed a tray with 10 raw eggs placed individually in 10 small bowls.

The eggs were still in their shells so I cracked them open into the bowls one by one. Having lacked the foresight to request a bigger bowl, I decided to first drink the egg white separately and add only the yolk to the gyudon.

I then stirred the yolk in and my bowl of gyudon was transformed into a radiant chalice of golden beef, matched in beauty only by the exquisite taste and creamy consistency of juicy meat coated in rich egg yolk.

I call it the “Bull in a Hen House.”

Of course, while the BHH was good, I wouldn’t recommend any more than 1 or 2 raw eggs for most people.

And if you do decide to try it for yourself, make sure you have a spotter with you in case you go into cardiac arrest.

Photos & Video: RocketNews24

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