On March 5, Nestle Japan began sale of Kit Kat Mini World Variety, a 13-piece variety pack of Kit Kats bars from around the world.

The product was created in light of the international support for the Great East Japan Earthquake over the past year and 20 yen (US $0.25) from every purchase will be donated towards the restoration of the Sanriku Railway system in Iwate Prefecture, which suffered extensive damage in the tsunami.

Kit Kat bars are produced and sold in a variety of flavors in over 70 countries around the world and even the taste of the plain milk chocolate Kit Kat differs depending on where it was made.

The World Variety pack features a total of 3 different milk chocolate Kit Kat Minis: 5 from England, 5 from Australia and 3 from Japan, for 13 bars total.

The pack costs 525 yen (US $6.50) and is available for purchase in Japan only.

Nestle has also set up a promotional Facebook page called the Kit Zutto Project, where they encourage Kit Kat fans from around the world to leave messages of support for the people of Tohoku and the restoration of Sanriku Railways.

Messages will be accepted from March 5 to March 31 and, if selected, will be displayed on Sanriku Railway train cars once a section of the line is reopened in April.

Be sure to visit the Facebook page and show your support!

For more information about the Sanriku Railway and its restoration, check the video below.

Source: KitKat Japan