Give a young boy a rubber band and chances are he’ll try and find a way to fling it across the room. The more ingenious of them will use resources like clothespins, popsicle sticks or Legos to craft a rubber band gun (here in Japan, many of us use disposable chopsticks). And, when they’ve grown up and gained access to all the big-kid toys, some of them will make an arsenal of semi automatic rubber band firearms from aluminum and stainless steel.

ZumA2 is a steel cabinetmaker living in Kanagawa Prefecture who, in 2008, began making rubber band guns using materials and equipment from his shop.

After completing his first gun, Silver Wolf, which he was inspired to make after playing the Playstation3 game Metal Gear Solid 4, he received a visit from the Japan Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association.

“It overturned my perception of rubber band guns as a simple toy made to fling rubber bands. They explained that those who wish to participate in official events are judged in three categories: technique in manufacturing, marksmanship and mental strength. I had no idea there was so much to the hobby…before I knew it, I was hooked.”

ZumA2 has since made nearly 30 different guns, including the production model Fenrir which is available for sale on his website PSYCHODRIVE Over Boost!? starting at 19,000 yen (US $230, sales limited to Japan only).

We recently had the opportunity to visit ZumA2 at his workshop in Kanagawa, where we were surprised to learn he makes all of his guns completely by hand. This includes the Fenrir, which is equipped with a wooden grip that ZumA2 meticulously carves and finishes himself for each order.

While most of the rubber band guns are semi automatic pistols that fired 10-12 rounds, we were also shown a fully automatic submachine gun that fires 30 rounds at a rate of 1000rpm.

All of the guns we were shown left us feeling like 10-year-old boys on Christmas and we were blown away by the thoroughness and detail with which each gun is made. While the only model currently available for sale is the Fenrir, we guarantee that it is more than enough to fulfill the your childhood dream of armed rubber band violence.

Photos & Video:Rocketnews24

Official Site:PSYCHODRIVE Over Boost!?

▼ The Silver Wolf. Yes, it’s as heavy as it looks.

▼ There’s even a laser sight attached below the barrel!

▼ The fully automatic submachine gun, Yeti 30

▼ Heavy as well, but feels oh-so-good!

▼ Fenrir, the production model available for sale.

▼ Holds 12 rounds like the Silver Wolf.

▼ With a hand-made wooden grip.

▼ The Cachalot, which can switch between full and semi automatic firing.

▼ Weighs the same as the Silver Wolf but looks much more dignified, a real gentleman’s gun.

▼ This model is for use in official competition.

▼ A box of wooden grips.

▼ This machine is the primary tool ZumA2 uses to make his guns.

▼ Has Mr. Sato ever looked so pimp? We think not.

▼ Mr. ZumA2, architect of children’s’ dreams.

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