It all started when some created a thread on Japanese message board site Hamusoku titled “Make a Moe Character From McDonald’s Teriyaki Burger.”

The artistic, burger-loving community quickly answered the call of moe and the thread expanded with discussion over the characters submitted.

Of course, like any good otaku message board, it wasn’t long before the thread went completely out of control.

Despite the request for Teriyaki Burger, the first image up was of “Texas-ko,” based on the McDonald’s Texas Burger. The artist comments: “I thought since it’s Texas, I should give her wild, large breasts.”

Now seeming to have completely forgotten Teriyaki Burger, the thread’s attention was next turned to “BigMac-ko.”

As one commenter puts it: “I want to sit between her cleavage and drink Fanta.”

The third image is finally of the Teriyaki Burger, named “Teri-chan” and complete with a lettuce dress.

Then, a few irrelevant images later, a more erotic Teri-chan is posted along with the one-liner: “I can take the heat…I want you to grill me nice and brown.”

And just when you think the thread has started to heat up, someone counters with probably the most bland, although accurate, Teriyaki Burger moe character:

Next, someone answers the request for a MOS Burger Teriyaki Burger to challenge McDonald’s dominance:

And, out of nowhere, a chicken fillet…? “My image of the Teriyaki Burger.”

Then, the bomb is dropped with the next Teriyaki-chan. The artist comments: “Here you go. Your guys’ favorite animal ear-girl panty-shot.

You may be wondering why the artist chose to make Teriyaki-chan a pig. While not publically advertised, McDonald’s Teriyaki Burger is actually made from 100% pork and not beef.

Hereafter, the TRUE 100% pork Teriyaki-chan is declared the winner of the thread and all hell breaks loose:

▼“I had no idea the Teriyaki Burger was pork…I thought it was chicken…That’s why everyone was laughing at me…god dammit…”▼

▼Premium Iced Coffee-tan: “You guys are doing nothing but eating, you must be getting thirsty by now.”▼

▼Oreo® McFlurry-tan:▼

▼“I’ve got business to attend to. Y’all take care now.”▼

▼Nestled among the madness was one Teri-chan we thought was pretty legit▼