Suntory Liquors Limited is now selling the ultimate luxury drink – a million yen($12,195) bottle of whiskey. How can a bottle of whiskey cost a million yen? Well, in this case you put 35-year old Hibiki whiskey in a porcelain bottle crafted by a national living treasure and you get a million dollar drink.

Nothing about this product is ordinary. The bottle itself is a precious work of art, created by living Japanese National Treasure Kakiemon Sakaida XIV, the fourteenth in a line of direct descendants who have been producing exceptional Kakiemon porcelain ware since the 17th century. The porcelain is of particularly high quality, the color a distinctive milky white called “Nigoride”, in contrast to the slightly bluish hue typically seen in porcelain, and is illustrated with rhododendron flowers.

The exquisite 700ml bottle contains a blend of 35-46 year old Hibiki whiskey with a 45% alcohol content. The product is sold in a fine box made of foxglove wood. According to Suntory, the whiskey has a sweet aroma, a rich but mellow flavor with an absolutely pure aftertaste.

But don’t take our word for it. Feel free to try the whiskey yourself! The whiskey is now available at liquor stores and department stores. Suntory is producing just 150 bottles of the precious drink, and despite the hefty price tag, they expect the whiskey to sell out in about one week, so you may want to hurry if you want to have a taste of this liquid gem.

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